Despite the importance and enormous size of the workforce operating in offices on a daily basis, there is currently no scientific study on 'the office' at both bachelor's and master's levels. This is particularly noteworthy, given that in secondary education, various forms of the office-related curriculum are offered.
Scientifically, 'the office' remains wholly or partially unexplored in fields such as:

  • Education and upbringing
  • Language and communication
  • Arts and culture
  • Economics and business
  • Behavior and society
  • Health
  • Earth and the environment
  • Computer science
  • Technology
  • Interdisciplinary social sciences

By conducting independent research across these domains, multidisciplinary knowledge about 'the office' is not only compiled but also explores the interconnections. This not only reveals potential shortcomings and imperfections but, above all, yields numerous new insights.

The acquired knowledge is utilized in various projects by the Foundation and is also made available for further national and international scientific research.